Sudbury School of Atlanta is a democratic, mixed-age, self-directed learning community run by students and staff.  Practically, this means it is a place where kids of all (school) ages can come to learn what they want to learn at the time and in the way that works best for them.  Staff has an equal voice in this community, and they are there to assist and empower students in their own learning paths.




You are reliable, compassionate, and excited to help grow an empowering environment for self-directed learners.  You believe children know how they should spend their time.  You want to help our school be the best democratic, self-directed learning community it can be.




As a staff member, you are a crucial part of the School Meeting. You’ll be with the kids all day, empowering them to learn what they want to learn in the way they want to learn it. Since learning is self-directed, this will look different every day. On a given day you might work with a committee of students to create policies for using the sewing machine, help a group of kids clean up after playing in the mud, help a teenager find resources for learning how to create a website, put a few photos on the Facebook family page to keep parents engaged, and watch a 20-minute movie students created that day. Of course, those individual learning opportunities cannot happen without the school running efficiently, onboarding new students and families, and communicating clearly with parents, so we’ll need you to do those things as well.














We currently have one (1) position open as a Full-time Staff Member to start on August 2020.  We provide training!

To apply, send us an email with a letter of interest and your resume to opportunities@sudburyschoolofatlanta.org.


We need you to help create a culture wherein students are empowered to direct their own education.​

Due to COVID19, our school is currently closed.

Please note that while we are currently receiving applications, we can't make a final choice, or hire until we are officially open again.

We want to encourage you to get in touch with us if you are interested in the position, but this is not an opportunity for immediate employment. 

Mailing Address:

PO Box 748 . Avondale Estates, GA. 30002


3260 Covington Hwy. Decatur, GA. 30032