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We do year-round enrollment based on availability. Please contact admissions if you are interested in enrolling at SSA.









"The ideal Sudbury staffer, to me, is an adult who communicates with young people respectfully and does so in an authentic, natural way. They talk with them at eye level and don’t presume to know better just because they are older. They don’t see it as their mission to get students interested in their own areas of interest or expertise. A student’s interests are their own business, and theirs alone."

"Staffers are hired by the school as a resource, and this means their areas of knowledge and experience will be taken into account. A staffer who can be helpful in running the school might be just as valuable and needed as a staffer who can teach 5 different subjects at a university level. But all of this is subject to a democratic process, meaning that individuals in the school can freely take part in deciding what the school needs at that time and choosing people who can supply it."



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Chan is an Atlanta native with training in early childhood education. After landing a job in a traditional daycare, Chan was surprised and disappointed to find a rigid, standards-focused setting with a lack of free play and exploration for young children. The things she was learning in her college courses about how children learn best weren’t being practiced in this mainstream setting. She began reflecting on her experiences in the traditional education system as a whole and thinking about the many ways students are stifled, disrespected, and held back from reaching their full potential. She started researching alternative education and stumbled across a video from a Sudbury Valley student. The model resonated deeply for her, and she was thrilled to find a Sudbury school in Atlanta. She toured SSA and fell in love. She quickly began volunteering her time and soon after became a staff member.

One of Chan’s favorite things about SSA is the community. She loves the fact that we all embrace our differences and still come together as a family. She also gets great joy from watching the children learn how to navigate their feelings, solve their own problems, and become so independent at such young ages.

Chan is passionate and energetic and she puts her whole heart into everything she does. She integrates new skills quickly and always wants to learn more. She is a true self-starter and a wonderful role model for our students of going after whatever sparks your interest.

In her spare time, Chan can be found reading, blogging, meditating, listening to podcasts, drawing, and spending time with her family.




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- Excerpts from the Blog "Did you learn anything?"


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Camille has over a decade of experience working with young people in a variety of settings. She has coordinated summer camps, social justice training for teens, nature workshops, and more. She is passionate about alternative educational models and is currently pursuing her Forest Schools Certification.

Camille discovered Sudbury School of Atlanta when researching alternative educational models in the area, looking for employment opportunities that would align with her passions and strengths. She says, “A lot of places seemed cool, but Sudbury made my heart flutter. I didn’t even apply anywhere else.”

Camille is a Decatur native and completed coursework at Agnes Scott, studying social justice, religion, and education. Being a part of a community that practices self-directed education is a natural fit for her, as she’s always been the type of person who finds whatever path best suits her unique needs. Camille brings that self-knowledge to her role as staff, modeling for students what it means to make to make your own way.

As a staff member at Sudbury School of Atlanta, she loves observing how well children solve problems for themselves and how eloquently they can express themselves when provided the right tools and environment. She also loves what a close-knit, kind, and welcoming community we have at SSA. Camille is a deeply compassionate and sensitive individual, who has a gift for being seriously silly (which the children love). At the same time, she knows how to speak up when she has an opinion – she isn’t afraid to use her voice when she sees something needs to change.

Some of Camille’s favorite things are animals (she loves her dog Percy with a passion) spending time in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and enjoying the wide variety of food that Atlanta has to offer.




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Volunteers are the fairy dust to our community. They help us build a stronger more vibrant community where everyone's skills are valued, and appreciated. We are always accepting volunteers that would like to share their time and knowledge with us. Whether it is a day at SSA or all the many activities that support and grow our community

We are always accepting applications for subs and volunteers, we have a big list, and we love the diversity and opportunities that folks bring into the space. 


Whether you are a teacher, musician, artist, accountant, uber driver, cook, grandma, mayor, influencer, firefighter, dancer, dad, dog walker, student, stay-at-home parent, you have something beautiful to bring to SSA, and we want to know more about it. Reach out to us, let's find a way we can collaborate. You can help us by showcasing your skills and we can help you understand better how learning happens at SSA!

We are currently seeking a Volunteer Coordinator (VC) to recruit, manage, and organize volunteers to help fulfill the organization’s yearly goals.


We are looking for a person with great communication and organization skills. That is able to engage with the community and channel talent.


As a volunteer coordinator, you’ll need to:


  • Generate appropriate volunteering opportunities and role descriptions based on the needs of School Meeting

  • Research and write volunteer policies and procedures, when needed.

  • Engage with and support the goals and decisions of School Meeting

  • Ensure there is appropriate support and training for volunteers

  • Promote volunteering (internally and externally) through recruitment and publicity strategies and campaigns

  • Interview and recruit volunteers and ensure they are appropriately matched and trained for a position

  • Monitor, support, and motivate volunteers and their work

  • Offer information to volunteers and external organizations through email contact

  • Keep up to date with legislation and policy related to volunteering and make any necessary modifications to accommodate changes

  • Maintain databases and undertake any other administrative duties related to the volunteers of the organization.

  • Εnsure the purpose of the organization, School Meeting, and their actions are clearly communicated and understood by all volunteers.

Goals & Expectations

We are looking for someone who is able to help us find and manage volunteers in order to accomplish School Meeting’s goals. While most of the work can be done in your own time, we need someone local ready to meet and engage with our community and attend community events once in a while.


The goals set for this year by School Meeting are to increase pay rates to staff and add additional space for students.

If you ...

  • are interested in helping our school grow and engaging our community

  • believe you can help us meet these goals

  • have previous experience as a volunteer

  • are social media savvy

  • know your way around GSuite (Google Drive, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, etc.)

  • are able to communicate effectively with diverse people

  • have excellent organizational skills and team coordination abilities

This role might be for you!


If you don’t have previous experience but you are eager to learn, just say so in your cover letter. No biggie!

To apply please send an email to with a letter of interest and your resume. 

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