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A model of education where students have complete responsibility for their education. The school is run by direct democracy, which makes every Sudbury School different in its own way.


The model originated in 1968 near Sudbury, Massachusetts. Though there is no formal or regulated definition of a Sudbury Model School, there are now more than 60 schools that identify themselves with the Sudbury model (although not all of them include it in their name). 


According to Daniel Greenberg, one of the founders at Sudbury Valley School:




"We do all tend to agree on one thing: everyone is treated equally and there is no authority other than that granted by the consent of the school community.




Sudbury Schools and democratic schools are often referred to as free, progresive, or alternative schools. 


Founded in 2012, the Sudbury School of Atlanta is an independent pre-K-12 school dedicated to the joy of learning. Located in Avondale Estates, the Sudbury School is mixed-aged and democratically-run, fostering life-long learning, cooperation, and active citizenship. Every student has a voice and a vote in how the school operates, and every student has the freedom to choose their best path to learning. The Sudbury curriculum is self-directed, not standardized, and the student leads the way, limited only by their own imagination.


We incorporate diverse elements to ensure diversity, equality, and accountability in our students, the three main elements are: 


Our community's decision-making entity: School Meeting.

Our umbrella rule: Protect The Fort,

Our conflict-resolution process: Restorative Justice + NVC (Non-violent communication)



Using NVC (Non-violent communication) practices and restorative justice tools, our conflict-resolution process is based on accountability, communication, and collaboration rather than seeking ineffective punitive actions.



Our part-time option is a great way for some families to unschool at SSA while following other programs or curriculums at home.

full-time program

Currently, more than half of our students are enrolled full-time at SSA.

"Trust promotes trustworthiness. 

self-initiative and all of the traits that depend on self-initiative can develop only under conditions of freedom"

- Peter Gray

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